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Samhain, in association with the IFI Family, presents Even Mice Belong in Heaven.

Following an unfortunate accident, a feisty little mouse and a shy young fox cub unwittingly find themselves in animal heaven. In this strange environment, they will have to put aside their natural instincts and work together to succeed on their journey through this new world. The little mouse and the young fox share many adventures and unexpected surprises and ultimately become the best of friends.

The film is based on the children's book Mice Go to Heaven by Iva Procházková with illustrations by Marine Ludin. 

Sunday October 23rd

Irish Film Institute 

Temple Bar


Samhain Family Festival in association with the Arts Council of Ireland, celebrates the power of storytelling, inspiring the next generation of seanchaí by reimagining the traditional storytelling experience in ambitious and imaginative ways that engage young and curious audiences.

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